PSJailbreak nothing but 'rumour' - Sony

Platform holder denies comment on PS3 hack

Sony's dismissed stories of the 'PSJailbreak' PS3 hack as "rumour and speculation".

Reports over the weekend suggested that a successful PlayStation 3 hack had been cloned and made available via USB.

The 'modchip' supposedly contains software allowing users to copy games to the hard drive and play backup games.


Earlier today it was reported that Sony could actually detect users of the hack and issue bans to those awash with guilt.

But Sony has now started to issue its standard 'no comment' equivalent of, "we don't comment on rumour and speculation."

We're not sure which part exactly Sony is suggesting is rumour - as it all looks pretty real to us.

Then again, we wouldn't be surprised if the platform holder's got a trick up its sleeve to crush the new-found threat.

[ SOURCE: iTWire ]