Pre-owned 'cheats developers' - THQ

SvR 2011 dev 'doesn't care' about upsetting second-hand buyers

Smackdown vs. Raw 2011's one-time code for online play might upset pre-owned buyers - but THQ 'doesn't care'.

That's according to the publisher's creative director for wrestling games Cory Ledesma, who told CVG that "loyal fans" who are interested in buying the game first-hand are more important:

"I don't think we really care whether used game buyers are upset because new game buyers get everything. So if used game buyers are upset they don't get the online feature set I don't really have much sympathy for them."

"That's a little blunt but we hope it doesn't disappoint people. We hope people understand that when the game's bought used we get cheated," he continued.


"I don't think anyone wants that so in order for us to make strong, high-quality WWE games we need loyal fans that are interested in purchasing the game. We want to award those fans with additional content."

The one-time code attached to Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 also gives free access to the game's first DLC pack, which includes Chris Masters as a playable character.

THQ trialled the model with UFC 2010 earlier this year.

EA was the pioneer in the area, implementing its controversial Online Pass across its Sports portfolio - which also requires gamers to enter a one-time code for important in-game content. Ubisoft has also publicly supported the idea.

Meanwhile, both Activision and THQ have recently signalled their intention to tackle the pre-owned games market at a corporate level.