Medal Of Honor only a 'borderline' adult game - BBFC

EA title was between 15 and 18 rating, says UK body

There may be a maelstrom of controversy surrounding its release - but the BBFC has told CVG that the violence in EA's Medal Of Honor is "not as strong" as that of rival first-person shooters.

Indeed, the ratings body has revealed that it feels the title only deserved a "borderline" adult rating - and that according to its guidelines, the game fitted "somewhere between the 15 and 18" mark.


The FPS hit the headlines this weekend, after Defence Secretary Liam Fox called for it to be banned at UK retail - as the game allows you to play as The Taliban in multiplayer.

"We gave it a cautious 18-rating, but it's not as strong as other comparable games," a BBFC spokesperson told CVG this morning.

"We considered it to be somewhere between a 15 and 18 rating when looking at our guidelines."

Fox said he was "disgusted" by the game, saying it was "shocking that someone would think it acceptable to recreate the acts of the Taliban".

However, the Government has distanced itself from Fox's comments - stating they were merely a "personal view".

Defending its decision to pass the game fit for retail, the BBFC spokesperson added: "There are a number of games set in both modern and historical wars in which you can shoot UK and US troops in multiplayer. Medal Of Honor is not unique in this respect."

Medal Of Honor is due for release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in October.