We'll stock Medal Of Honor - UK retail

Liam Fox MP's request falls on deaf ears

UK retailers fully intend to stock EA's Medal Of Honor on October 15 - despite calls from Defence Secretary Liam Fox to ban the game.

CVG understands that at least two major UK High Street specialist retailers are pressing ahead with plans to sell the game on release day - unless the Government itself publicly condemns the production of the title.

However, that isn't looking likely - as the DCMS this morning distanced itself from Fox's weekend outburst.


Online retail is no different. A spokesperson for UK retail site told CVG this morning:

"Shopto fully supports and commends the bravery of the British Soldiers fighting in all conflict areas, including Afghanistan and would never condone anything that disrespected the daily sacrifices they provide to the British people.

"As a retailer follows all official government policy regarding the sale of video games. In the case of of Medal of Honor no other government decision has been made other than its PEGI classification of 18, which we have on the game.

"Should a ban be introduced based on a government decision we will of course stop the selling the game. Whilst we are aware that Defence Secretary Fox has a grievance that we understand, we have received no other similar feedback from our customers. The Medal Of Honor series is exceptionally popular amongst gamers and as stated in a response by EA, which we agree with, has always had teams of opposing forces in its content."