MS quiet on Halo Reach release date move

Platform holder has no comment on effect of piracy

Microsoft has refused to comment on the possibility of it moving the release date of Halo Reach forward - following the game's appearance on BitTorrent sites.

We reported over the weekend that review code of Halo: Reach has been accessed by hackers.


The code was then leaked onto Torrent sites - with in-game footage quickly appearing on YouTube. The ending of the game has even been given away by one particularly spoilerific uploader.

With three weeks until the game's September 14 release, Microsoft is being pressured to act by fans - and, no doubt, by its shareholders.

Movement of release dates in response to leaks is common in the music industry. Albums from acts such as Eminem, MGMT, Jay-Z and 50 Cent have all been pulled forward due to piracy in recent months.

However, the practice in uncommon in games - but Reach could change all that.

When asked if the release date could change as a result of the Torrent activity, an MS spokesperson told CVG:

"We have nothing further to announce in relation to Halo Reach at this time."

Rumours abound that Bungie is keen to release the game earlier. It told CVG last week that only two per cent of staff were left working on Reach, which went gold earlier in the month.