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Halo Reach getting Xbox's biggest ever marketing campaign

More than £4.2 million to be spent promoting shooter

Microsoft is pushing the boat out for Halo Reach, which is set to receive the Xbox division's biggest ever marketing campaign in the US.


The platform holder will spend more than the £4.2 million it forked out for Halo 3 back in 2007 to promote Bungie's upcoming shooter, according to Ad Age.

So what does that kind of cash get you? The Halo Reach campaign includes partnerships with Pepsi (300 million Mountain Dew bottles and 30 million bags of Doritos will carry Halo packaging in the States) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, plus a website allowing users to 'manipulate a real-life robot in an undisclosed San Francisco warehouse to build a monument out of lasers for the game's protagonist Noble Team'.

A blitz of TV adverts and web films will also feature live action rather than in-game footage, although plenty of the latter - and the game itself - have leaked over the internet over the past week.

"You don't have to know anything before going into it," said Taylor Smith, director of global marketing communications for Xbox. "We're trying to tell the story in broad strokes and universal themes that people know all around the world. And get our core fans even doubly excited."

The report adds that 34 million Halo games have been sold since the franchise launched in 2001, and while Reach might be Bungie's farewell to the series it birthed, it's unlikely to be Microsoft's last. "I think it's safe to say we're not done with Halo," said Michael Stout, global product manager for Xbox.

[ SOURCE: Ad Age ]