Tekken v Virtua Fighter too obvious - Ono

We wanted to do a collaboration that would surprise people, says Street Fighter man

A Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter collaboration would be too obvious, reckons Capcom man Yoshinori Ono, who says he looked to "surprise" fans with Street Fighter X Tekken.

Speaking in a dual interview with Tekken head Katsuhiro Harada, Ono-san told CVG that the collaboration with Namco appealed to him because of the slightly 'odd couple' match-up.


"Rather than making something where people think 'oh, we knew that was coming', we wanted to make something to surprise people," Ono-san said.

"For instance, if Tekken and Virtua Fighter went along people would expect 3D, but when it is Tekken and Street Fighter everyone is just really surprised and even we don't really know how it's going to end.

"So as creators we really want to try something and make something new that no one's done and this is definitely the best opportunity so far," he added.

Harada-san admitted that his take on Tekken vs. Street Fighter - which will feature 3D gameplay - seems to have fans "more worried" than Ono-san's, but said that he hopes the public will look forward to the "potential fun" of bringing Street Fighter characters into 3D.

Harada-san released the first early footage of his version of the game last week.

Look for the full interview on CVG soon.