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Yakuza series ending?

Advert suggests the series could be coming to a close

An advert in the latest issue of Japanese video game magazine, Famitsu, has suggested that Sega's long-running Yakuza series may be coming to an end soon.

The two page advert depicts the city of Kamurocho in disarray, fires have broken out, buildings look destroyed and police cars have been abandoned.


Although no details are provided the advert features the phrase 'The End', which could suggest that this may be the last Yakuza game.

However, given the popularity of the series and the recently announced PSP game it may be the advert is suggesting it will be the last game to take place in Kamurocho, which has been the setting for a number of Yakuza titles.

Sega has confirmed Yakuza 4 will be coming to the West as a PS3 exclusive and announced another Yakuza game is in development.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]