BioShock 3: 'Never say never,' says Levine

Irrational would return to Rapture if it had the right idea, says designer

BioShock designer, Ken Levine is refusing to rule out a return to Rapture in the future - but he'd have to have the right idea to do so.

Speaking at Gamescom last week, the Irrational man told CVG that the studio doesn't feel like it doesn't have more to say about the underwater city... "right now".


"It was a very challenging and a very difficult thing for me not to do more Rapture," he said, "it was very, very difficult.

"Leaving Rapture was very, very personally difficult for me. It was very difficult, it was my whole life. I don't have kids, it's like my child. I feel that connection to Andrew Ryan, Sander Cohen - a sick group of people to feel a connection to but I do!

"I just felt that we had said all we needed to say about it... at the time. I mean, never say never. But right now that's how we feel about it."

When asked if that means one day in the future he could wake up and decide to make another Rapture story, Levine replied:

"Yeah. I mean, life's a long time. But I'd HAVE to have an idea that drove that. I'd have to spring from the idea."

In the same interview Levine revealed how Irrational prototyped "other games" before settling on just-announced BioShock Infinite.

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