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Third of Steam users indulge in BitTorrent

Valve's latest user data throws up some interesting stats

Over a third of Steam users also use a torrent client to share software, Valve's latest user survey has revealed.

According to Valve's customer survey for July - which is estimated to cover 25 million Windows PC consumers - Steam users are also big fans of Adobe Flash Player, with 96.79 per cent of 'em indulging.

But it's the firm's data on Torrent client downloads that paint a far more interesting picture.

According to the survey, 29.41 per cent of Steam users are also users of UTorrent - the most popular file-sharing client in the world.

In addition, the rival Mainline BitTorrent client is installed on 5.28 per cent of Steam user's machines, whilst the Vuze client is preferred by 4.37 per cent of Steam customers.

Meanwhile, BitComet was popular with 2.44 per cent of Steam users.

That adds up to over 40 per cent of Steam users. Naughty beggars.

No doubt some of them have stumbled across Halo Reach this week...

[ SOURCE: Steam ]