Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Jean-Francois Dugas on why the Deus Ex formula works

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A lot of things were bringing us back to Leonardo DaVinci's work. After the black death, people were suffering and dying and some were starting to ask if God is that good, then why are we suffering so much? They began to try to understand the human body instead, and it was a huge step in our evolution.

Back then people didn't live to 80 years old like they do today. We think that with the technologies we have now - the computers, the nanocomputers and things like that - we're starting to blend the flesh and the machine together, and we're thinking this is the next big step in our evolutions as human beings. And this is where the idea of a second Renaissance comes in. We've put a lot of things into the game world that are inspired by that era: geometrical forms, cathedral designs, fashions. It's all hidden into the aesthetic of the game and I think that helps create a distinctive, unique world.


There are over 100 fictional companies you've created for this game. Do you think those details are the difference between a good game and a great game?

In the end, details separate you from other games because even though players might not notice all the details one by one, it makes it feel credible, like you're immersed right away. I think they're really, really, really, important. It's hard on us, but the payoff is great, I think. There is a soul in this game you know? A real soul.

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