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Trophies coming to PSP?

Update: Trophy icon spotted on PSP XMB

Update: Sony's confirmed the Trophy image shown relates to PS3 remote access, as suspected. The wait continues...

Trophy support could be coming to PSP, if a shot spotted in a PSN GamesCom video is anything to go by.

Eagle-eyed reader HBgamer got in touch earlier today with a screen grab of the PSP XMB from the video in question.

HBgamer points out:

"If you download the GamesCom video for No Heroes Allowed, in the final shot when it goes through the usual Sony 'Make.Believe' etc it shows both PSP models sitting side by side - each sporting an image of the XMB sitting on the 'Trophy Collection' icon."


One explanation is that the icon (shown left) is for remote access to your Trophy Collection on the PS3 via the PSP, which seems the likeliest possibility.

We've contacted Sony for comment but are yet to hear back.

PSP related rumour has been flying all over the place recently. The latest whisper is that the PSP2 will have touch sensitive controls, but Sony was keen to downplay the idea of an impending sequel to its handheld.