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Sega 'impressed' by awesome 3D Sonic 3 remake

Fan recreates Mushroom Hill Zone in stunning 3D

Before Sonic games went down the toilet, we all expected Sega to make something like what's in the video below - a stunning fan-made recreation of Sonic 3's Mushroom Hill Zone with current-gen visuals.

It's stunning, and we're not the only ones who think so. Fans have pushed the video Sega's way (seemingly in their droves) and the publisher appreciates its work.

"We've seen it for the love of Tikal, we've seen it!" says Sega on its official blog. "Honestly, I've been bombarded with all sorts of messages some very excited, some downright rude, telling 'SEGA' in no uncertain terms about the video. Truth is we saw it hours ago and think it looks absolutely awesome."

The unfortunate fact is it's actually not a game, just a video made by YouTube poster 'BlobVanDam', who's apparently a dab hand at 3D rendering and design.

Because we're sure Sega hasn't had this request at all yet: Guys, stop f-ing about and MAKE THIS...

[ SOURCE: Sega ]