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Assassin's Creed in outer space, anyone?

Ubi Dev mentions the Moon. He's joking.

Ever wonder where the final destination of Assassin's Creed could be? The answer, friends, is in the stars.

It'll be a long way off for sure, but one day you could be taking your hidden blade to the Moon.

Talking to PSM3 magazine about the lineage of the series, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's producer Vincent Pontbriand whispered the stuff of dreams:


"To develop our brand we like to keep our numbers for new settings, new characters."

"So eventually, when it's on the moon, you'll have your '3', no problem."

Yeah, okay. He laughed afterwards. Very funny.

Giggle all you want, Pontbriand - but now you've planted the seed. We want to kill on the Moon.

Speaking of killing, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is shaping up to be quite a tummy-tingler itself. It's out in November.

Read PSM3's full interview with Vincent Pontbriand to get answers to questions.

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