Kane & Lynch 2 is the 'antithesis' of Mafia 2 - Eidos

Both are beautiful in different ways

Kane & Lynch 2 developer, Eidos, has compared its game to 2K's recently released Mafia 2. Although the firm describes its rival title as "stunningly beautiful", it says Kane & Lynch 2 is the "antithesis" of the Cosa Nostra shooter.

Why? S'all about the looks.

North American Launch consultant for Eidos, Karen Conroe, described how the dev went to great lengths to create a game that breaks away from the traditional set up, they chose to present their 'real' setting in a very different way.

"The team went to Shanghai and did extensive video capture to convey what the city looks like in the side streets and alleys,"


"In some of the trailers, like for behind-the scenes clips, we really wanted to get at 'what is real' but we didn't want them to look like the traditional pieces in a nice set up with a TV commentator, so we went to Chinatown in LA to recreate the lights and sounds of the game and present things in a different way." said Conroe.

Conroe compared Kane & Lynch's gritty visuals positively to Mafia 2 but noted that they opted to take 'the opposite approach' when recreating Shanghai. Their motivation behind creating a dirty and gritty Shanghai is represented in the games tagline - 'Real Ain't Pretty'.

"It's like the antithesis of Mafia II which is stunningly beautiful in presenting its pristine game world and Kane & Lynch 2 takes the opposite approach with its urban grittiness. That's where the tagline 'Real Ain't Pretty' came from."

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[ SOURCE: The [a]list Daily ]