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CVG: The week's best comments

Funny all over your face

Alright everyone take a knee. Let's see, first on the agenda, we have a bit of an issue.

Last week Gaseous Snake and flash501 both felt a liitle bit left out because they weren't mentioned in the various lists we did.

So come on all together: group hug.

Listen people, the love's implicit and we've got plenty of it for all of you. Yes, including you [insert name here].

Oh and by the way, you were a funny bunch this week. Here comes the wave:

Pre-owned 'cheats developers' - THQ

Well Ford don't make any money from the 2nd hand car market, but you don't hear them saying that when people buy a 2nd hand Ford Focus it should come without wheels.
We loved these pre-owned jokes. Peteuplink got the ball rolling.

I just bought a second hand Fiesta but it didn't come with an engine; apparantly Ford were annoyed with all the second hand sales so they are giving out engines just to people who buy it straight from them as 'additional content' but if you sell it on the engine implodes.
CrispyLog conjures a death-trap for pre-owned buyers. By the way, imploding is always funnier than exploding isn't it? Let's see some hands.

Does the man in the indie bookshop tear out the last 20 pages of a second hand book you buy? No!!!
Reegeee finishes off the assault. Honestly, these were so funny we could have read them for at least ten more minutes.

PlayStation hack sees alleged high demand

Proably all bought by a Mr S. Ony.
big chief doesn't have much confidence in Sony's ability to hide its tracks.

Xbox 360 S 4GB: Where's cheapest?

Who cares? I can get USB sticks bigger than 4GB.
We're sure you can a3HeadedMonkey but where would you insert the disk? Hmmm? Exactly.

PSJailbreak nothing but 'rumour' - Sony

I think id be happy if i got banned from psn its f@#king shite
Dear pinkie 2. Why are you even on PSN if you'd be happier with a ban? If you delete your account, it's almost like a self-banning.

Kinect voice control dropped for launch

so i can tell my kinect animal to stop shagging my leg...but i cant tell my dvd to pause.
All bloodbathrich asks for is a Kinect animal without the horn and a single frame from a Hollywood film. Is that really too much Microsoft? IS IT?!

I'm lost for words!
Bit of a Dad joke there equinox80. We'll take it.


A great entry into the comments of the week no doubt????
budobear thinks he can dictate what goes into the Comments page. Apparently he can.

Angry Birds movie on the cards?(!)

Angry Birds is some of the most fun I've had pooing in some time, I hope they add more levels soon as other games just don't fit the toilet trip needs.
Conker mate, next week, keep the toilet habits to yourself yeah? We don't want to see the word 'pooing' on the site again...Brings the whole tone down.... Jus' sayin'.

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