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Gran Turismo 5 requires 10GB install for best gameplay

Polyphony's Yamauchi advises would-be buyers

Gran Turismo 5 requires a small install of 256MB to run - but to get the best out of the game, you're going to need to take up a much bigger chunk of your PS3's HDD.

Polyphony Digital boss Kaz Yamauci has recommended players earmark 10GB of space to install the game - presumably to take the heat off the Blu-ray disc.


According to a Tweet from the man himself (translated by Andriasang), Yamauchi believes a 10GB install is required for a "smooth" gameplay experience.

Cripes. We can only imagine what Gran Turismo 6 will take up.

Sony this month detailed a Collector's Edition of GT5, which contains a model car, a key fob and loads more besides.

GT5 is due for release on November 2 in the US and a day later in the UK and Europe.

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[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]