How Zelda would look on a high-end console

Re-texture project renders Twilight Princess in stunning HD

Remember seeing Super Mario Galaxy in 720p and praying to the stars Nintendo would see it and give us a bloody HD-capable Wii? That was cool. This is cooler.

That was simply SMG running in a higher screen resolution. But here, someone has taken a hammer and chisel to Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and swapped out the actual textures for high-resolution ones that pack far more detail than the game originally does. The results are stunning.

The shots on this page are taken from the GameCube version of the game running on an emulator, and show before and after comparisons of the ninja work being done by Emutalk forum member 'AaronLite'.


One shows a completely retextured bridge, and the other a complete overhaul of a forest scene with new grass, new textures on the tree, the fence and, basically, everything. This is quite possibly close to what the game would have looked like if it were on a high-end console like PS3 or 360.

Roll on Nintendo's next console.

[ SOURCE: EmuTalk ]