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11-minute GT5 video shows Jaguar XJ-13

Legendary racer than never hit the course finally gets its time

Yep, 11 minutes of Gran Turismo 5 footage is pleasing enough to us too (although all there's shaky-cam videos are growing a little tedious). But there's more to this one than meets the eye.

It shows the Jaguar XJ-13. That means nothing you because you're (probably) not 140 years old. But, legend has it, back in the 1960's there was an epic rivalry between Ford and Ferrari's LeMans and Daytona teams. Jaguar wanted in on the battle and made the XJ13, but a prototype was crashed in testing and, for numerous other reasons, the firm canned the car.

It never got to race and the three-way fight never happened. But, you see, it will in GT5, which is something that seems to have Polyphony all excited.

So here's the video.

[ SOURCE: RaceSimCentral ]