Golden Sun: Dark Dawn release date confirmed

Latest RPG epic coming just in time for Christmas

Bloody hell, we're talking about Christmas releases already. Nintendo has confirmed that Golden Sun: Dark Dawn will be out in US on November 29, ready to rake it in over the holiday spending spree.

The Golden Sun games on Game Boy Advance were epic, and this DS sequel promises to offer a "planet-sized world" of exploration, spell-casting and number-crunching RPG goodness.

"Each of the game's playable characters is capable of carrying Djinn, spirits that imbue their owner with unique and powerful abilities. Players can collect more than 70 unique Djinn, granting them the ability to summon mighty deities who unleash devastating attacks that fill both Nintendo DS screens," details the PR.


"Taking place 30 years after the events of Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age for the Game Boy Advance system, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn introduces a new generation of heroes that are struggling to survive in a radically changed world."

November 29 is a Monday, the usual day for US game releases. No UK date has been set, but expect it to be the Friday before or (more commonly) after that date.