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Traveller's Tales: How we pick the next LEGO game

What will come after Harry Potter?

Jonathan Smith, head of production at Traveller's Tales, has lifted the lid on the process of selecting the next LEGO game.

So far Traveller's Tales has worked on LEGO Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman and Harry Potter games but when it comes to picking the subject for the next LEGO game, Smith's team won't be short of requests.

"We get lots of letters," Smith told Official Nintendo Magazine. "Massive lists, beyond everything you could possibly imagine, and then some.

"Our choice is very much based on what is the natural thing to do. We look for worlds that are full of different characters that are well loved by lots of different people, ideally people both young and old, and where we've got characters that can do fun things. So Indy could fight, the Jedi could use the force, and Harry Potter has all this magic that he can transform stuff with. So you just know there's enough to get your teeth stuck into."

With that in mind, what should the next LEGO game be based upon? Leave your thoughts below.

You can read the full interview with Jonathan Smith in the September issue of Official Nintendo Magazine. Buy it here.