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RUSE review - 8/10 in Edge

A victory on the battlefield for Ubisoft

Edge is out, there's a RUSE review in it - and the magazine has come out the other side with a smile on its face.

RUSE gets 8 out of 10 in the notoriously strict mag - which notes developer Eugen's achievement in managing to deliver a number of complex features and dynamics in an accessible way.


It reports: 'The French developer has found a way to facilitate deep strategy on just a handful of buttons, streamlining the interface at little cost to the tactician.'

On the side of criticism, Edge found the action on the battlefield a bit slow - and wasn't particularly gripped by the storyline, but enough was done elsewhere to make up for it.

'As a result, it's deserving of a wider audience than recently released high-profile rivals might allow for,' Edge concludes.

If you can't wait for the online RUSE reviews to hit, you'll have to make do with our extensive hands-on RUSE preview.

RUSE is due for release next Friday (September 10) for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The new issue of Edge is with subscribers now, and will be in stores this week.

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