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Final Fantasy Versus XIII 'will make you shake'

FFXIII and 3rd Birthday director Tweets up the hype

Final Fantasy Versus XIII and 3rd Birthday game director Hajime Tabata has been hyping both games via Twitter.

You can expect pretty stunning CG sequences in both titles, which are being worked on by Square-Enix's Visual Works studio.

"Whenever I go to the VW studio floor, there's video and demos of such tremendous quality on the monitors that I'm full of tension and excitement and want to stay for a long time," said Tabata.


He did, however, reserve some pretty high levels of anticipation for Final Fantasy Versus XIII in particular.

"On that note, Versus. That scene in the PV. I think it will make you shake," he tweeted.

Full of tension and excitement? Scenes that will make us shake? We're a bit unnerved by all this.

The Final Fantasy Versus XIII story was reportedly finished back in June.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]