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Kinect voice recognition limitations confirmed

Only English, Japanese, Spanish Mexican available

Kinect's voice recognition abilities will be limited to three languages at launch, Microsoft's confirmed.

Unless you speak English, Japanese or Spanish Mexican, Microsoft's motion sensor won't have a clue what you're talking about.

Not even the good old 'louder and slower' technique will help - even if it seems to work in Calais.

According to MCV, others will have to wait until spring of next year before Kinect will be patched to recognise their language.

Oh and if you're living in places like Canada or Spain thinking, "That's OK, I can get by with English and/or Spanish Mexican," not so fast, amigo.


Kinect will reportedly 'lockout' regions that have not yet been granted official support until next year - regardless of whether the language spoken fits the device launch dictionary.

Reports at the end of last month suggested that Kinect voice recognition had been dropped altogether but Microsoft denied that soon after.

Kinect is due for launch in November.