Valve refuses to sell out on stock market

Studio has no interest in floating

You've just set up an independent developer and knocked out a sci-fi FPS classic. Things are going well, so you plough efforts into a sequel. It's heralded an industry-defining masterpiece.

Meanwhile, your PC download service has become the de facto choice for all your competitors. And your artsy side project has turned into a blockbuster franchise starring that bloke out of The Office.

Time to float on the stock market? Is it bob.


Valve has revealed that it has no interest in cashing in on its unique position by going public - because it couldn't handle the interference from shareholders.

"All [companies that float] end up getting their customers changed," Valve's Erik Johnson told the latest issue of PC Gamer.

"Any bad decision I ever see out there is because somebody created this different customer that was whoever funds them, and not the consumer of the product."

Gabe Newell added: "You end up with a totally different set of decisions, and the person who's trying to design the experience is like' Okay, I guess we'll put Christopher Walken in our game."

Sounds like 'selling out to shareholders' won't end up being one of Valve's regrets. Neither, from what we've seen, will Portal 2 - which is looking ace.


You can read the full, fascinating interview with Valve on its history in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK - which is with subscribers now and in stores tomorrow.

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