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F1 2010 will make you 'think like an F1 driver'

Senior producer Paul Jeal says "It's not Wipeout"...

From what we know about F1 2010 already it sounds like Codemasters is aiming to make the most realistic racer to date.

With things like full damage, weather effects and dynamically changing track surfaces all present it sounds like there's going to be a lot to consider this year.

And consider it you must, said F1 2010 senior producer Paul Jeal:

"It's not Wipeout. We don't want players burning around at a thousand miles an hour all the time."


"We want them them to think like an F1 driver - always considering the tyre wear, the track conditions, the best place to overtake."

Take that dastardly rain for example:

"Teams such as McLaren can't fully exploit their straight line speed advantage."

"So this is your opportunity to climb a few places up the grid and make a name for yourself," explains Jeal.

OPM saw fit to award F1 2010 a very nice 9 out of 10 in its world exclusive review.

Is it really that ace? Read Xbox World 360's words for a second opinion.