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Black Ops MP beta 360 exclusive?

Google ad suggests beta is Microsoft-only deal

An alleged Google ad has sparked rumours that the multiplayer beta for Treyarch's upcoming FPS, Call of Duty: Black Ops, will be exclusive to Xbox 360.

The ad reportedly links to a beta website where users can sign up for the 'Xbox 360 exclusive multiplayer beta'. It also specifies September 1 - which timekeepers will note is today - as the start date.

Coincidentally, Treyarch has been gearing up for a multiplayer reveal later today. Community manager Josh Olin confirmed Treyarch would be announcing something later today through Twitter yesterday.


"So we're rehearsing for tomorrow's #CODBlackOps MP reveal... "

Treyarch's community manager also responded to the Google ad, saying it was not "official". However, he didn't deny the existence of the beta - or the exclusivity.

"Bing / Google / ads for a #CODBlackOps BETA are not official ads. As always, if I don't say it, it's not official!" tweeted Olin.

The quick fingers at Leakerz supposedly snapped a few pictures of the beta's website, which states the beta will be revealed at 7pm Pacific time (that's 2am UK time).

During E3, Treyarch said it would be working with Microsoft on some Black Ops exclusives for Xbox 360 players - could the multiplayer beta be one of those?

Treyarch recently confirmed it would release tools and support the mod community post release.

[ SOURCE: Leakerz ]