CoD: Black Ops - Multiplayer revealed

Treyarch blows open online mode in LA

Activision's unveiling Call of Duty: Black Ops' multiplayer mode right now at a press-stuffed event in Los Angeles.

Details are still coming in (and we're about to play the game ourselves), but the publisher's already shown a trailer featuring surveillance camera killstreaks, crossbows and remote control buggies that explode on impact (and look awesome).

Playing the game on a giant IMAX screen, Treyarch revealed AI opponents in the game's new combat training mode, encouraged by the fact that 30% of CoD players apparently never go online. This mode can be played offline or with friends.

The new Create A Class features a screen showing your character model, because this time around how you look changes depending on which Tier 1 perk you choose (stealthy players will wear a relevant suit, for example).

Black Ops multi is also set to include rare weapons only found in supply packages. These include death machine and grim reaper, the first of which is an absolutely mental machine gun and the latter a giant, fast-firing rocket launcher. The aforementioned remote control buggy also falls under this category. There's even a gunship you can FLY YOURSELF and a sam launcher that will shoot it down.

Another massive change sees the introduction of Cod Points (or CD), which you'll rack up while you play and can use to purchase abilities usually gained with XP.

CD can also be spent on Contracts; time-limited challenges that you can purchase.

Four new game modes separate from standard XP modes have been added called Wager Matches, in which you put your Cod Points on the line during a match and the top three players reap the rewards. The first is One in the Chamber; pistols only, three lives and you lose your ammo if you miss a shot. The second is Sticks and Stones, in which you've got a tomahawk and cross bow - but the former bankrupts your target. The third is Gun Game, in which a kill puts you up a level in terms of gun power. The last is Sharp Shooter with Random weapons and perks.

In Black Ops you can customise your gun with your own camo, iron sight and emblems. You can also edit together your own emblem on a screen not dissimilar to something found in Forza Motorsport.

And FINALLY Treyarch's adding a Halo-style Theatre mode, which looks almost identical to Bungie's version. All recent Live games can be opened up an viewed, the developer says. A video's going on Xbox Live tomorrow.

And that's it. We're off to play it now, look out for our impressions shortly...