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Ubisoft teases something grim

We're not quite sure what these are for...

Ubisoft has sent a few horror themed movie posters to tease... something.

The three images parody Friday the 13th, Pulp Fiction and Jaws, but have a comic horror twist to them. The first image is for 'Saturday the 14th' and features a bucktoothed clown mask with blood splattered on it.

The second poster, for 'Doll Fiction', features a pigtailed goth girl in Uma Thurman's iconic Pulp Fiction pose, except with what look like voodoo dolls instead of cigarettes.

Finally is 'Chew', a parody of the well-known Jaws poster - except the shark looks like he's choking on human legs and drowning in nuclear waste materials.


Curiously, Robbie Coltrane, who you may remember as Cracker, Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky from GoldenEye, or that fat guy with the beard from Harry Potter, seems to star in each of these 'movies'.

Again, we're not entirely sure what this is supposed to be, but the images can be found below so we'll leave it to you super-sleuths to figure it out. Let us know what you think in the comments.