Back to the Future video game gets Doc

Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Doc Brown

Telltale Games has revealed Christopher Lloyd will reprise his role as Doctor Emmett "Doc" Brown, for its Back To The Future video game.

The adventure game, which is currently in development, will feature the likenesses of Michael J. Fox, who played Marty McFly, and Christopher Lloyd as Doc.


The series' writer, Bob Gale, is working with Telltale to create an authentic Back to the Future plot for the

Telltale are adopting the same episodic approach that it has used in the Sam & Max titles. Currently five episodes have been confirmed.

Although Telltale hasn't given away too much about the game, it did confirm that the iconic DeLorean time machine would be tearing through the Hill Valley once again. A few familiar characters will also show up again in the year 1985.

Telltale is also at work on episodic Jurassic Park games, which it says will be

[ SOURCE: USA Today ]