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Yakuza 4 dated for UK, US

Yakuza 3 must have passed the test, then

Sega was coy about releasing Yakuza 3 in the west, where it arrived a year after Japan. But it must have paid off because the firm has today, as if without hesitation, the publisher's confirmed it's bringing Yakuza 4 to this side of the planet, too.

The game is set to arrive on Euro and US shores in the spring of 2011, Sega has said, and will as usual be exclusive to the PS3.

In Yakuza 4 you will get to play as Kiryu Kazuma and three other characters, as - we predict - you wander around urban Japan kicking the snot out of shady Yakuza types.

Yakuza 3 fans were up in arms over the removal of a number of big features from the western version, Hostess Club management being one of the biggest. But it seems this mishap won't be repeated with Yakuza 4. Sega's official blogger says: "Whilst I don't know all the ins and outs of the game at this stage I can at least confirm to you that the much loved Hostesses will return in Yakuza 4 in all their alluring glory."


[ SOURCE: Sega ]