Sony victorious in banning PSJailbreak

Hacking device perma-banned in Australia

Sony has won its first major battle against the PSJailbreak hack that threatens to create widespread piracy on the PlayStation 3.

An Australian court ruling has permanently banned retailers from selling the PS3 JailBreak device - after a temporary injunction expired earlier this week.

Australian retailers OzModChips, ModSupplier, and Quantronics have removed the product from their product listings.


Sony has also dealt a killer blow by successfully claiming damages for the sale of the product. Retailers are being forced to turn over all profits from the sales to Sony, as well as compensate Sony for the inconveniences caused.

Australian courts temporarily banned the PSJailbreak dongle earlier last month, granting Sony a temporary injunction against the sale of the product in Australia.

The new ruling issues a permanent injunction, preventing the sale of the product as well as the import of it into the country.

Sony has also filed a suit in California against Zoomba LDC, who distributes the product in the U.S.