CVG: Comments of the week

Make with the funny already!

This week you've shown some restraint. Sarcastic comments, spiteful bickering and general rudeness has been at a recent low.

Fortunately, a few of you have been funny enough to find a way to cram amusing asides into the comments box - despite a worrying lack of stories about naked females and Japanese oddities. Bravo.

Microsoft redesigning Xbox 360 pad - report

I used a Dualshock pad once. Now I'm sat here having had both arms amputated typing stuff with my face.

Beware dirt cheap third party controllers.MrPirtniw has learned this lesson the hard way.

Dildo Wii Remotes have arrived

Perhaps M$ and Sony should adopt this idea as they seem to like to f**k us so often.

JammyJames effortlessly mixes wordplay with passive/aggressive commentary.

Finally something for the hardcore audience!

Atinetro divides his gamers into camps. Funny camps.

MS: Kinect capable of 1:1, fast as 'pushing a button'

c'mon, next you'll be sayin instant mash isn't instant!

buffig is shocked to hear that even pressing abutton isn't instant. Surely instant mash would be instant from the moment you open the packet... adding water means prep is required, which means isn't instant, RIGHT?

Apple to make gaming announcement tonight?

iPhones win because of the iPod.

iPod won because it was white.

White = win, thecresta has figured it out! Of course, why didn't we see this. Quick, what colour is the Wii?

Gabe Newell is obsessed with your body

And that headline is discusting C+VG, i hope i can sleep tonight.... brrr.... i'm keeping the lights on..

If Gabe Newell wants your body Dewin, Gabe Newell will come and take your body, lights or no lights.

Black Ops Zombies shot down by Treyarch

no zombie = no buy

adastoy has lived a simple life so far, but when the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse begins, he's heading straight to Harrods.