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Move came before Wii release - Proof

Sony had a ball, Nintendo had balls to release first

The proof is in the pudding - and in this case the pudding is a big ball on a stick.

New light was thrown on the argument that PlayStation Move is a 'copy' this morning - when a CVG reader spotted a little video on the web.

It shows creator of Sony's EyeToy Dr. Richard Marks demo-ing what's basically a big, ugly prototype of the PlayStation Move. Interestingly, it dates all the way back to 2004 - two years before we got our hands on Wii.

Sure, it looks like a Maraca, but the tech is there (sort of). The doc casts a number of spells using colour recognition capabilities of the EyeToy.

That's not to take anything away from Nintendo, of course, which put effective motion control well beyond this basic Sony prototype out to market first.

So it looks like Sony can be credited with at least coming up with its own motion control innovation - and not copying the other Japanese platform holder.

Have a read of our PlayStation Move review to see how far Sony has come since the days of cloud spell.

Oh and watch our PlayStation Move unboxing video to see just how streamlined that Maraca has become. Now it looks like something much worse.