Metroid: Other M

Yoshio Sakamoto on a more emotional Samus

Metroid Other M, which hit European shelves on Friday, is the latest in one of Nintendo's most love and long running series'.

It's only now, however, that fans have really gotten to know who the game's protagonist Samus Aran really is.

For the first time fans get to see a more emotional, more vocal side to the female bounty hunter.

With this in mind, we headed over to Nintendo to hear what Metroid father Yoshio Sakamoto had to say about what Samus Aran has to say.

Metroid: Other M has just hit the shelves in Europe and it's been out in the US for a while, how are you feeling?


We have spent such a long time completing this game and now Europe is the last market we are launching in so we were able to launch it globally almost simultaneously. So all I can say is I'm really happy about that.

At the same time now that we have started selling Other M to people around the world I am really looking forward to it. Of course, there's got to be bad impressions as well as good ones. Even the negative ones I am looking forward to seeing.

What's been your biggest success this time around?

It's not something that's really interesting for people, especially those who are playing with Other M, but the fact that we have not changed from the beginning to the end, the original concept I conceived was really something to me.

It was around three years ago I started having the original concept for Other M and afterwards I was happy to encounter Team Ninja and together we worked for many years in order to complete Other M.

Throughout the process we did not change almost anything when we compare the final product with the original concept I had three years ago. Or I should say, actually, the result today is much more than what I was able to expect three years ago.

Once again it's not very exciting news for the gamers at home, but the fact that the original concept was realised as more than what I conceived three years ago was really something to me.

And have there been any regrets, was there anything you wanted to put in the game that you couldn't?

Somebody might think I'm telling a lie when I say everything went well but the fact of the matter is when I try hard to think I can't think of anything that is regrettable to me as far as Other M is concerned.

I think whatever I wanted to do at the beginning was there in the final product. Consistently keeping the original concept, we were adding to that so in the final analysis I should say I can't think of anything regrettable to me and I'm really grateful for the final outcome.


It's funny but Mr. Iwata is asking other developers about Other M and some of the Other M developers offered to say there's nothing regrettable in the project so by reading that you can tell I'm not telling a lie.

One of the big talking points about Other M is that the main character Samus has become more open emotionally, more vocal. Why did you decide to do that and why at this point in the franchise?

Depicting the story of Samus Aran in this game was one of the most important game design concepts from the very beginning because before Other M I did not think about what kind of person Samus Aran was and how she thinks and her personality. We did not do that by writing or by letting her speak a lot.

Plus because of the existence of the Metroid Prime series many people might have different ideas about what kind of person Samus Aran was. That was a concern for me because Metroid has already become a solid franchise and probably in the future as well we will be willing to make the sequels.

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