FIFA 11 review - 94% in GamesMaster

"The best football game ever," gushes GM

The first FIFA 11 review is in - and EA's effort has been acclaimed "the best football game ever" in the new GamesMaster magazine.

According to the review, FIFA's gone from "strength to strength" and this year's instalment's "got the looks, the sounds, the depth and plays like a dream".


GamesMaster points praise at FIFA 11's huge number of variable outcomes. It says each match delivering more variety, excitement and realism that last year's excellent entry.

Praise is pointed at the new Be a Goalkeeper mode, more realistic passing engine and, excitingly, interactive celebration cutscenes (described as "possibly the best part of the game").

It's all hugely positive stuff and certainly has the ladies and gents in the office (well, mostly the latter) geared up for the October 1 release.

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