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Rock Band 3 song exporting confirmed

Export songs from Rock Band 2 for a fee on all consoles

Harmonix has confirmed that Rock Band 3 buyers will be able to export songs from Rock Band 2 into the new game.

As with the similar process for RB1, Harmonix's John Drake confirmed that rockers can hand over a few pounds to export songs from the previous game onto their hard drive where Rock Band 3, will pick them up, letting you play all yourold favs in addition to the selection of new tracks.

Better still, it's confirmed that the feature will be in all three console versions of the game, so Wii owners won't be left out.

Drake did, however, say that there can be licensing issues for a couple of songs so they might not all make it through the transition.

He also told RockBandAide that while the cost of regular downloadable tracks will remain the same, songs for RB3's Pro Mode will be slightly higher due to Harmonix having "a lot more work to do" on those songs.

To find out what tunes you'll be strumming to out of the box, check here for the full 83-song list as confirmed by MTV last month.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]