Is Tomonobu Itagaki mad enough to make Devil's Third brilliant?

He bloody loves Ride Of The Valkyries, you know

The games industry would be a depressingly orderly place without Tomonobu Itagaki.

This is the man, remember, who says he needs 'cigarettes, booze and gambling' to make a decent title.


Corporate shill he is not. Which means when he says his own Devil's Third - due for release on PS3 and 360 in 2012 - is the greatest video game of all time, we just don't know what to believe.

He couldn't be... right, could he? Try asking him. You won't get very far.

They say true genius is easily distracted...

There seems to be a real mix of Eastern and Western culture in Devil's Third. For example, Japanese culture is centred on the sword, and Western culture is focused on the gun - is the fact that we use both weapons in Devil's Third deliberate?
I think both types of weapon are important, but it's not just Japanese swords we're using for close combat in the game - there'll be US army knives, military knives, those things will be shown in melee combat.


So it's more about function than aesthetics?
[Animatedly, before the translator can
even finish asking the question] Yes! [Starts speaking in English, instead of using the translator] It's function... to kill people!

[Continues without the translator] So, for example... if you have a sniper rifle, in this range, and I have a sword - what would you do?

I'd run away...
[Starts laughing] No time! I learned how to use a sword in my childhood... I'm very fast.

Oh really? What style?
Kendo. You can't run away! [Laughs]

Are you a fan of classical music? Is the game's title a reference to that?
Yes. With the title, and also with the music from the trailer - when I drive to my work, I always listen to classical music now.

It's funny, because you don't look much like the classic music type!
Really?! I'm listening a lot of Wagner right now, you know - from Apocalypse Now - The Ride Of The Valkyries? [Starts singing... DAHN DA DA DAA DAHN... DAHN DA DA DA DAHN! Everyone, including the translator, starts joining in].

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I really like it! My car has tinted windows and I get my wife to drive the car, while I smoke cigarettes with the music playing really loud
[starts singing DAHN DA DA DA DAHN! again...]

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