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Final Fantasy XIII 360 headed to Japan this year

Japanese magazine Dengeki touts December release

For the three and a half Japanese people that will actually give a shit, Dengeki magazine apparently claims the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII will finally see a release in Japan.

The game launched on both PS3 and 360 in the West, whilst it retaining its PS3-exclusivity over in Yen land. But a supposed leaked scan of Dengeki apparently reports that the 360 version will get a Japanese release this December.

According to translations of the report, it will be out on December 16 and will be like the International version (English-enabled games that usually release elsewhere in Asia) - packing English speech (not Japanese), and a new Easy Mode for wimps.

Square is yet to confirm or deny the report, but a Japanese 360 release has been in Chinese whispers for some time.

To be honest, all we care about is when Square will show us something on FF Versus XIII. Get a move on lads.