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Pre-order 'Ico, Shadow of the Colossus PS3' NOW

WalMart has Team Ico collection listed, taking pre-orders

Either WalMart's website man is throwing his weight around, outing unannounced games willy-nilly because he can, or he's sneaking whisky into work in a Coke bottle and just posting whatever the drink tells him.

It's a Team Ico collection on PS3 this time, supposedly packing PS2 smashers Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on a single Blu-ray in the same vein as the God of War and Sly Cooper packages.


But the US retailer's not just listing the game, it's taking pre-orders and claims that the package we all hope and pray is real will plonk through your letterbox "on or just" April 1 2011.

WalMart man also recently outed MAG 2, a sequel to Zipper Interactive's 256-player PS3-exclusive shooter that, seemingly, only WalMart man knows about.

If you're reading this, WalMart man, hurry up with Super Mario Galaxy 3, we'd like to pre-order that too.

[ SOURCE: WalMart ]