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SSFIV arcade gets Yang and Yun

SF: Third Strike duo set to appear in new arcades

The latest version of Super Street Fighter IV in the arcades will feature the Street Fighter: Third Strike duo Yang and Yun.

That's according to reports from Capcom location tests currently underway in Japanese arcades for the new machines. EventHubs has a massive report on what else has changed in the latest version of the game, although as Siliconera notes, they're taken from a location test version of the game and can change before the final machines are let loose.

For hardcore fans of Yang and Yun, you might be pleased to know: "All Yun's specials from Third Strike are in the game. Including his Palm, Flip Grab, Dragon Kicks, Shoulder Attack, etc. Light Punch Palm is a fake, Medium and Hard change the distance the opponent flies away. This move has a really big hit box."

And as for Yang: "Yang's command dash was in and crossed up like Ibuki's in SSF4."

There's seriously lots more through the source link.

[ SOURCE: EventHubs ]