Halo Reach is £35 at Sainsbury's

Supermarket price war begins...

The official launch of Halo Reach is mere hours away - but the price war has already begun.

Supermarket chains Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's have kicked off a fierce pricing war by not only offering the game at rock bottom prices - but also advertising heavily in UK national newspapers this morning.

Sainsbury's has the stand-alone copy of Halo Reach for £34.99.


Meanwhile, Tesco is offering Reach for £37.70. However, as we reported last night, you can pick up the game for £28 when bought with an Xbox Live 2100 Points Card, which is priced at £16.71 (RRP £17.50).

Asda is selling Reach for £37.47, with an exclusive Halo Reach hoodie available for £9 when purchased with the game.

For a full price round-up including online prices check out our in-depth buyers' guide, which we will update regularly.