Halo Reach HMV midnight launch detailed

70 stores across the country at the ready

HMV knows just how big the launch of Halo Reach will be and to cater to the demand it's opened 70 stores across the country to get you home and playing as fast as possible.

HMV's flagship store in Oxford Street will be open tonight, at 00.01am.


GAME will also be hosting a midnight launch at the Westfield Shopping Centre, where Noble Team's very own Carter and Jun (or tall blokes dressed as them) will be making an appearance.

Tim Ellis, Head of Games for HMV said: "There are some massive games titles due out over the next few weeks and months, and this great Christmas line up very definitely kicks off with Halo: Reach, which is hugely-anticipated by gamers, and has been one of our most-ever pre-ordered games titles on"

"So we want to give the army of Halo-Reach fans the earliest possible opportunity to get their hands on it by opening many of our larger stores around the country at midnight on Monday - as soon as we're officially able to sell the game."