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Call of Duty: Black Ops Pt. 2

Treyarch talks up 2010's second giant FPS

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Diving to prone, we knew the concern was going to be with drop-shotting so we addressed it up front with the recovery, so it really should only be used for evading. When you take fire and dive to prone it adds to immersion, it makes you feel like that it saved you when you jump behind cover. It feels good when you use it right and if you use it wrong - aggressively - it doesn't, so people won't do that.

Introducing currency - the COD points - is a big risk. Again we spent an enormous amount of development time putting it together and balancing it to make sure it is right. It's definitely more rewarding when you're the one who bought something, when something is yours because you paid for it with your hard earned cash, whether you earned it in a wager or online. You can buy additional player cards, select images.

Nothing we put in here was just quick without an extensive amount of consideration; we do focus group testing and talk to the community, we have a bunch of community reps that we've brought out on a number of occasions and they were here tonight and are out there playing right now and in the theatre.

These are just normal community members that run blogs, tweet a lot, run Facebook pages and their own community sites. They're passionate about the game and we're always communicating with them, we're always playing our games with them to see what they like and dislike. All of that influences us and I think all of these inspirations we took and drew on... that is what created Black Ops. It isn't necessarily our game with the risks we took it's the community's game.

Are there plans for a multiplayer beta?

We're doing an internal beta right now; we are doing it with all sorts of Activision studios and Activision itself. Thousands of people are participating in our beta and keeping it internal is very helpful as it allows us to iterate on our builds a lot faster.

So if we want to change something we can easily push a new build out to anybody in the company that has one of these dev kits. They can quickly download a new build and anything we've tested they can play. Call of Duty is such as mainstream thing that everyone is playing it at Activison.

That's the only form of beta we're planning at the moment. There were a lot of misconceptions and confusion and misleading Google ads that suggested we were launching a public beta tonight - that is not happening. The beta is internal only.

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