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FIFA 11 vs. PES 2011 kicks off

Demos go live on XBL and PSN

The demos of FIFA 11 and PES 2011 are due to go live on Xbox Live, PSN and PC download today.


On Xbox, the FIFA 11 demo is exclusive to Live Gold subscribers until September 23 - but there are no such restrictions on PSN and PC.

The PC version will available to download from later today.

Meanwhile, the PES 2011 demo will be available on all three platforms, following a two-week window of exclusivity for PSN-Plus subscribers. The PC download is available here.

FIFA 11 is released in UK stores on October 1, with PES following a week later on October 8.

Some Arsenal goodies, including The Emirates Stadium, are unlockable in the FIFA 11 demo - but you'll have to play an EA Facebook game first.

The first FIFA 11 review in GamesMaster gave the game 94 per cent - and called it "the greatest football game of all time".

Have you got your hands on either yet? Let us know your early impressions below.