Dead Or Alive 3DS not the only DoA incoming

Nintendo's handheld version one of many 'missions'

Tecmo Koei's just shown off 3DS title Dead Or Alive: Dimensions at Tokyo Game Show - and told us that there may soon be another home console version.

First revealed earlier this year, the 3DS fighting game has its obvious charms. (If you're asking yourself how 3D could benefit DoA, think harder...)


However, our man at the behind-the-scenes unveiling, GamesMaster's Rory Smith, told CVG:

"Team Ninja acknowledged that a new DOA game on 3DS might disappoint fans hoping for a home console sequel, but confirmed that Dimensions was 'one of many missions' the team were working on."

No release date was given for the game.

In the same conference, Team Ninja confirmed that it is creating Ninja Gaiden 3 for Tecmo.