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Yakuza: To The End gets zombies

Shocking new direction revealed

You know what we haven't had in a game yet? Zombies.

Not to worry though, in an odd twist, Yakuza: To The End will provide all our undead needs as it's emerged that the fifth game in the Yakuza series will actually be a zombie game.

Even weirder Yakuza: To The End is going to be a zombie shooter if screen grabs in Famitsu are anything to go by.


We would have expected more of your kicking, punching and hitting heads with objects but whatever.

According to Famitsu, resident Yakuza characters Kazuma, Goro, Ryuji, and Shun find themselves defending their home from zombies by shooting them up 'til they're dead again.

Players will apparently be able to customize guns in the game for maximum kill power.

Have a look at the mag snap. Now try telling us it isn't true.

Yakuza 5 will also get voice talent from Kill Bill star Chiaki Kuriyama. So there you go, Kill Bill stars and zombies.

[ SOURCE: Famitsu via Siliconera ]