PlayStation Move review round-up

Sony's motion control rolls onto US shelves today

The PlayStation Move has arrived on US shores and will be in the UK before you can say multi-coloured balls.

But is Sony's motion controller worth parting with paper?

We certainly thought so, ending our PlayStation Move review with a lovely 90 per cent stamp.


We were particularly impressed with the 1:1 accuracy of the hardware and thought it got one over the Wii thanks to the PS3's HD graphics.

In the wider world of technology, our friends over at TechRadar were similarly impressed with the Move giving it a 4/5 and calling it an "excellent piece of gaming technology".

IGN gave similar if not quite the same amount of praise with a score of 8.5 out of 10. The site agreed that the tech was incredibly accurate but found frequent recalibration a bit of a pain.

Engadget and The Guardian were equally enthused about the product - with the former saying that "Sony's got all the right ingredients here".

CNET on the other hand wasn't all that impressed awarding only 3 out of 5 stars and saying that while the motion tech was the best in gaming, the launch titles were "lacklustre".

You might think it's been pretty quiet on the PlayStation Move front over here. That's because Sony doesn't want to start full-on advertising until its release on Friday.

Have a look at the Move TV campaign and find out why it's lacking a certain K. Butler.