Xbox 360 'easily' has 5 years left - MS

Kinect will prevent innovation drop on platform, says Greenberg

Xbox 360 has "easily" five years left as Microsoft's headline games console, Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg has said.

Speaking to industry site Gamasutra at TGS, Greenberg predicted that Kinect will prevent the traditional innovation drop that usually occurs a few years into a console's lifecycle.

"We do think that this generation is unique. We're treating the launch of Kinect as an entirely new platform launch, as almost a new generation," he said. "For us that does extend the product life cycle."

At this point in the Xbox 360's lifespan, he said, "we're five years in. We think we have another good five years-plus, but that remains to be seen - but easily there's another five years' life."

And Greenberg's not shy on how Microsoft's going to expand the 360's shelf time: "What usually happens is in the later years of the life cycle, you usually get less innovative, lower quality experiences, or you get more flooding of the market.

"I think what [Kinect] enables us to do is to keep things fresh, enable developers to bring new IP to the market, and enables people to have new experience."

In the same interview Greenberg predicts that Microsoft will see 3 million Kinect units this Christmas, "exceeding in what we did when we launched the original Xbox 360."

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]