Sony responds to MK dev's PSP2 revelation

"We haven't announced anything" says platform holder

Sony won't be pushed into talking about the sequel to PSP before it's good and ready. Not even by a developer saying, on the record, that he has one "in the house".

That's what Shaun Himmerick, exec producer on the new Mortal Kombat game, has done in news today, saying "it's a pretty powerful machine", which pretty much puts a stamp of semi-officialdom on the rumours that have been flying around recently.

Sony was expectedly dismissive of previous rumours, but will it be moved to say something about Himmerick's revelation?

Not yet it seems. CVG contacted an SCEA rep who simply told us: "We haven't announced any news on PSP."

Sony's Michael Denny offered a similar response to rampant PSP2 rumours last month: "We don't have anything to announce and nor are we giving anything away if we say we're always looking at the future as well," he said.